In-service Training – Object and Importance

//In-service Training – Object and Importance

In-service training program was started at Maharashtra Police Academy, Nashik in October 2014. Continued law enforcement education will enable on officer to perform more efficiently and more safely. In-service training has often been cited as one of the most important responsibilities in any law enforcement agency. Training serves four basic objectives.

  • Well trained personnel are better prepared to act decisively and correctly.
  • Trained results in greater productivity and effectiveness.
  • Training narrates cooperation and unity of purpose.
  • Provides safeguards for being legally accountable for actions of personnel.

Maharashtra Police Academy through in-service training provides these objectives with quality, up-to date training by developing a comprehensive program to provide quality law enforcement training in a cooperative, efficient and effective manner through proper utilization of modern technology and coordination of our facility.

We continually update and revise are existing courses and actively look to add new course offerings in response to contemporary training issues. This are provide on aggressive in-service training calendar designed to meet this goal.

Maharashtra Police Academy, Nashik from October 2014 to till date provide 126 indoor in-service courses. In these courses following courses were conducted through by :-

  1. BPR & D, New Delhi – 08
  2. NCW New Delhi – 01
  3. NISD New Delhi – 02
  4. By through Video Conference – 24

Through this courses 4504 Police officers of Maharashtra State were trained.

In-Service Training Course – Cyber Crime Investigation
The computing and networking in cyberspace provides enormous empowerment by linking people to the source of information. Often in this process, unsuspecting were fall prey to various kinds of complex, crimes involving theft of vulnerable information and identity and many a times resulting in embarrassing situations. The computer users and nonusers both needs to be aware of their rights and risks so as to protect oneself from being the victim. In this cyber age there is an immediate need to create public awareness about the cyber laws and cybercrimes most of the times the individual many not even be aware that he is committing a cybercrime and may be lured into it without the lightest of knowledge of the same. The most fascination thing about cybercrime is that the criminal does not have to be physically present at the place where crime accuse, there criminals are daring techie geeks and comment sophisticated crime and his weapon is a computer, internet connection and various software as tools which are freely available on the internet.

To cope up with cybercrime and to investigate the cybercrime scientifically by following the due procedures of law, with landmark Judgments of Hon’ble Supreme Court and High Court. Maharashtra Police Academy, Nashik provides cybercrime investigation course for 4 days through in-service course. In this course Police Sub Inspectors, Dy.SP’s, ACP were invited in which one officer from each district of Maharashtra and one officer from commissionrate. During October, 2014 to October 2017, total 7 in-service training courses were arranged in which 416 Police officers were trained. For this course experienced lecturers of cybercrime, Police officers who investigate cybercrime course and leading lawyers ware invited.

In-service training course of TOT (Training of Trainers) and Teach Craft
To develop trainee’s competencies the training of trainer’s course and session of teaching skill that is “Teach Craft” was organized at Maharashtra Police Academy Nashik for the trainer of Maharashtra Police Academy and other Police training schools of Maharashtra state. Expert’s speakers delivered lectures on teaching skill to various trainers of different designations.

During the month of October, 2014 to October 2017 total 10 training courses were arranged in achieve 345 Police officers participated. Maharashtra Police Academy, Nashik invited 25 officers throughout Maharashtra among which were experienced retired police officers and eminent social worker.

Object of Teach Craft (TOT)
Main object of this learning course is to introduce teaching techniques and procedures and how to use different methods skillfully which performing the duties. Among several objects some peculiar ones are how to teach trainees, manner of teaching how to introduce and conclude the subject within stipulated time, what they grasped etc. The trainer’s course of 3 to 5 days comprised to how to demonstrate a difficult subject with easy methods, dramatic demonstrations, storytelling, group discussion, soft skill, conversation skill, case studies etc.

In-Service training course for Crime against women
A course on Crime against women was conducted for 3 days since October 2014 to October 2017. Total 117 Police officers of various ranks including women police officers were sensitized in this subject in total 5 courses held at Maharashtra Police Academy, Nashik.

Maharashtra Police Academy, Nashik invited one officer from each district of Maharashtra state and one officers from commissionrate for this training course. Experienced and learned expert lecturers were invited to deliver the lectures on this objects. Some expert legal staff and police officers of Maharashtra Police Academy, Nashik was also requested to deliver lectures on this topics.

Objects of in-service training courses for Crime against women
Police officers were sensitized in crime against women and they were also taught how to deal with the victims and made aware with the relevant legal procedures and bring justice to such victims and vulnerable factors of society.

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